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VP Executive Support always strives to provide efficient administration support.
Below are some frequently asked questions about virtual support.
  • What is a Virtual Assistant?
    A Virtual Assistant (VA) is an independent contractor who works remotely to provide administration support. Working 'remotely' means that your VA will work from their own professionally set up office. A professional VA will have their own ABN, appropriate insurances, their own equipment and will invoice their clients on a regular basis.
  • Why partner with a Virtual Assistant?
    The main reason is purely a huge cost saving to business owners by not having to worry about employee-related taxes and only paying for the time needed to complete agreed tasks. No money is wasted on long lunches or unplanned leave. VAs are also flexible and scalable. We work on one-off projects, offer ongoing and regular support, and hours can be reduced during quiet periods or increased during busy times; dependent of course on the agreed service conditions. Work hours can be flexible and tailored to varying workloads, or even different time zones. VAs also offer services that they are experienced in. If any training is required at any time, this is undertaken at the VA's own expense. We are connected and well supported in the VA community with many collaborative groups who all work together to achieve the same goal - to provide the very best virtual administration support imaginable!
  • How do you charge for your services?
    VAs generally have their own individual rates and services. I offer rates and services tailored to each client's specific requirements. For example, we can discuss an hourly rate for small, one-off tasks. I also offer a set service package which involves a set fee for a set service or services; or a retainer package which involves payment in advance for an agreed number of hours. My Information and Services Guide provides more detail on how I work. Please request a copy via the Contact Page on my website.
  • How do we get started?
    Touch base with me via phone, or my Contact Page to book a free, no obligation 30 minute chat, or 'Discovery Call' as it is known in the VA world, to discuss what support you are looking for. If it seems we would be a good fit I will send a proposal and if accepted, an agreement will be drawn up. Once the agreement is signed, the next step will involve a catch up call via phone or zoom to go through the specifics of how we will work together and discuss any documents or program access that may be required. From there it is my goal to offer the best administration support to enable you to focus on and grow your own business.

Let's Start Working Together!

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